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December 15, 2006, Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen’s University Belfast 10am – 5pm.

The programme includes:

* two invited presentations:

Stefan Bilbao
“Physical Modeling Sound Synthesis in Practice”

Stefania Serafin
“Physical Models for Interactive Applications”

* a live performance by MIAMI

* one or two tape pieces, including
“The Wall Woodpeckers” (Ricardo Climent, 2005)

* a general discussion

* a parallel demo/poster session, including
- a new controller developed by students from Aalborg University
- a new controller for a virtual violin, modelled with novel
block-based physical modelling techniques (Giovanni de Sanctis, Marco Foco)
- a real-time controlled physical model of a Catalan woodwind instrument
(Josep Comajuncosas)
- a real-time Max/MSP multi-string model with percussive audio-driven control
(Pedro Rebelo, Maarten van Walstijn)
- a real-time model of the prepared piano (ppiano~), developed by Stefan Bilbao
and Thomas Resch, demonstrated by Stravos Didakis
- a real-time model of the vocal tract using a digital waveguide mesh (Damian Murphy)

Danish HCI symposium

Sixth Danish HCI Research Symposium
15 November 2006 (deadline october 21)
University of Aarhus

We are happy to announce the sixth Danish Human-Computer Interaction Research Symposium to take place in Aarhus, 15th November 2006.

Since 2001 the annual Danish Human-Computer Interaction Research Symposium has stimulated networking, and provided an overview across the various parts of the Danish HCI research scene. Previous symposia were hosted by University of Aarhus (2001), University of Copenhagen (2002), Roskilde University Centre (2003), Aalborg University (2004), Copenhagen Business School (2005).

This year’s symposium will continue the tradition. We invite researchers from academia and industry to participate by submitting recent work to be presented during the symposium.
Participation is based on the submission of a short paper (max 2 pages ACM format – download .doc template) that, upon acceptance, will be printed in the symposium proceedings and presented during the day. The standard presentation format is poster, but a number of papers will be presented in plenary to stimulate common debate.

Papers for the symposium can present work in progress, recent published work, organizational overviews, teaching experiences, etc. Submissions will be reviewed by the organizers to ensure that they are about HCI in a broad sense.
The working language of the symposium is mixed Danish and English.
The symposium program will include two invited lectures, a number of spoken paper presentations, a poster session, and more. The registration fee is 600 DKK (800 DKK after Nov. 5) and includes printed proceedings, lunch, refreshments and dinner.
The symposium is organized in collaboration with

Important dates

October 21, 2006: Deadline for submission of symposium papers (required).
October 31, 2006: Notification to authors.
November 5, 2006: Deadline for early registration.

Nomute 2006

We hereby invite you to NoMuTe2006, Nordic Music Technology Conference, hosted by Norwegian University for Technology and Science (NTNU), in Trondheim, Norway, October 12^th -14^th . The conference is an expanded follow-up of the Music Technology Days 2005, hosted by University of Oslo.

An important goal for this conference will be to establish a meeting point for representatives from educational institutions, as well as artists, researchers, students and others with interest in the field, showing the range of music technological activities in the Nordic countries. We have been so lucky to get two internationally renowned profiles within the field of music technology to give keynote lectures at the conference: Paul Lansky, computer music composer and professor at Princeton, and Philippe Depalle, professor in signal processing and analysis at McGill University. The conference will be coordinated with Trondheim Matchmaking, an international festival for electronic arts held
between October 12th 15^th (

What the conference will include:

- thematically sessions containing paper presentations of research and educational topics related to music technology
- two internationally profiled key-note speakers
- Concerts / installations, artistic presentations
- Poster session presenting educational institutions

*Call for papers / poster presentations / artistic presentations*
We like to invite you to contribute within one of the following categories:

We invite submissions addressing areas within research and development related
to music technology. Papers can focus on technical, artistic or scientific
issues within areas like:
- signal processing
- music information retrieval
- performer-machine interaction
- music production
- music cognition and perception
- education and teching
- other issues

Papers can be submitted in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish or English. The papers
will be published online on the conference website just after the conference.
Presentation of the papers will have a 20 minute limit, with additional 10
minutes for questions, comments and discussion. This can be adjusted taking into
account the total number of contributions. Any special requirements for
equipment for the presentations must be requested.

* *

*2. Poster presentations*
Educational institutions are invited to give poster presentations describing
their programs and facilities.
How to submit:
- Send an abstract of maximum 300 words.
- Include name of the person(s) representing the institution

*Artistic presentation*

We welcome artistic submissions involving music technology for presentation in
concerts (evening) or intermissions (morning/afternoon). This can be
laptop-music, sound installations, acousmatic works, performance, multi-media
compositions or other genres / forms of presentation.
How to submit:
- Send a recording of the submission as Audio-CD or DVD.
- Include a short description of the submission of max. 100 words.
- CV, maximum one page.

*For all submissions:*
- All documents must be sent in .pdf format, formatted for A4-paper to
- Deadline for all submissions are june 15^th
- Notification of acceptance will be given before August 15^th .

Medialogy semester starts

Opuzone workshop

Danish sound design

A report (in danish) of the current status of danish music technology and sound design
has been recently published and can be found here

CCRMA celebrates 20 years at the Knoll

On April 27 – 29, at Stanford University, California, CCRMA (Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics ) celebrated 20 years at The Knoll, formerly the Stanford University President’s mansion.

A nice article
summarizing the history of CCRMA and showing the renovations.

I am very glad I had a chance to participate to the celebrations, and be in a panel together with the people who made the history of computer music.