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School of sound 2007

Since its inception in 1998, the School of Sound has raised the profile of sound in audio-visual media through an unequalled series of presentations that integrate practice with theory, and art with entertainment.

Directors, sound designers, composers, editors, and theorists have shown us the soundtrack from hundreds of new angles. Sonic environments, non-naturalistic sound, sound as metaphor, human sound perception, sound for multimedia – the topics have ranged from the practical to the aesthetic to the metaphysical during these intense four-day symposia. If you work in film, television, commercials or multimedia, this event will provide the perfect complement to your technical expertise.

The School of Sound will not teach you about equipment or software. We aim to inspire you and move you to say, “I never thought of working that way.”

The School of Sound is produced and directed by Larry Sider and Diane Freeman. Larry Sider is a film and television editor and sound designer, and Head of Post-Production at the National Film and Television School, Beaconsfield, England. He lectures in the UK and abroad. Diane Freeman is a former television producer and production manager. She is a qualified trainer and member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. Diane was formerly Deputy Chief Executive of PACT and has produced several symposia including “Television from the Nations and Regions” at the Lowry Centre, Salford, and “Animation Means Business” at the National Film Theatre, London.

ICMC 2007 papers deadline

The ICMC 2007 papers deadline is only two weeks away!

Check out: ICMC 2007 website

Innovation forum interaction design

Innovation Forum Interaction Design, a two-day conference on interface and interaction design will take place in Berlin on March 30th and 31st, 2007.

The conference will discuss all aspects of interface and interaction design, including mobile telephone and media interfaces, web pages and virtual worlds, problems solutions and product visions, and the meeting of art with commerce, and business with science.

One of the highlights of the conference is sure to be the showcase of colleges from across Europe that now feature dedicated courses in Interaction Design.

Audio mostly 2007

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the conference Audio
Mostly 2007 – 2nd Conference on Interaction with Sound in Ilmenau,
Germany on September 27-28, 2007 hosted by the Fraunhofer Institute
for Digital Media Technology IDMT.

Audio in all its forms – music, sound effects, or dialogue – holds
tremendous potential to engage, convey narrative, inform, dramatize and
enthrall. However, in computer-based environments, for example games,
nowadays the interaction abilities through and with sound are still
underrepresented. The Audio Mostly Conference provides a venue to
explore and promote this untapped potential of audio by bringing
together audio experts, content creators, interaction designers, and
behavioral researchers. Our area of interest covers new sound
applications that demand or allow for some kind of interactive response
from their listener, particularly in scenarios where screens and
keyboards are unavailable, unsuitable or disturbing. This area implies
cognitive research and psychology, as well as technological innovations
in audio analysis, processing and rendering. The aim is to both describe
and push the boundaries of sound-based interaction in various domains,
such as gaming, serious gaming, education, entertainment, safety and

Areas of Interest (including but not limited to):
- Games designed around audio and sound
- Interactivity through sound and speech
- Semantic speech, music, sound analysis
- Music recommendations and user feedback
- Semantic audio processing
- Cognition of sound and music
- New auditory user interfaces
- Sound design for games
- Spatial audio rendering
- Interactive composing & authoring of music
- Audio in teaching
- Sound in mobile applications
- New developments for audio broadcasting, podcasting and audiobooks
- Future uses of sound

For more information, please visit our website or contact us at

Second workshop on audio haptic interaction design

Technologies to enable multimodal interaction are now sufficiently mature that research is turning away from pure technology development and looking towards interaction and design issues. Robust solutions exist to display audio and haptic feedback in many forms – for instance as speech and non speech sounds and through tactile and force feedback sensations. Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that the novel interactions supported by these modalities can confer benefits for all users. However, many questions remain: how can we design effective haptic, audio and multimodal interfaces? In what new application areas can we apply these techniques? Are there design methods that are useful? Or evaluation techniques that are particularly appropriate?

While multimodal interfaces are attracting more and more attention, there is relatively little work on how the haptic and auditory modalities can be efficiently and effectively combined in an interface. Is there information which is better communicated using one modality rather than another? How can we link haptic and auditory displays so that changes in one modality are reflected in the other? Can we create complimentary relationships between the information displayed to each sense? Additionally, how should we interact with these new displays and interfaces? Is a direct manipulation interaction style still appropriate? A technique that works well with a force feedback device but may not be appropriate for all types of displays. How should we interact with a tactile display, or manipulate a sonified graph?

Whilst audio and haptic interaction has been shown to be a useful tool, neither sense has the bandwidth of the visual modality. Careful, considered and informed interaction design will play a vital role if multimodal systems are to move beyond the lab and into the real world. This workshop seeks novel research addressing this human-centric challenge.

More information at:

Summer school in Sound and Music Computing

Summer School in Sound and Music Computing
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Stockholm, Sweden
July 2-6, 2007


This Summer School is organized by the Music Acoustics Group of
the KTH in Stockholm, with the goal to promote interdisciplinary
education and research in the field of Sound and Music Computing
(SMC). The School is aimed at graduate students working on their
Master or PhD thesis, but it is open to any person carrying out
research in this field.

* Anders Askenfelt (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm)
* Elvira Brattico (University of Helsinki, Finland)
* Roberto Bresin (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm)
* Nicola Bernardini (Conservatory of Padova)
* Antonio Camurri (University of Genova)
* Alain De Cheveigné (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris)
* Anders Friberg (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm)
* Lalya Gaye (Viktoria Institute, Gothenburg, Sweden)
* Minna Huotilainen (University of Helsinki, Finland)
* Olivier Lartillot (University of Jyväskylä, Finland)
* Giovanni De Poli (University of Padova)
* Davide Rocchesso (University of Verona)
* Stefania Serafin (Aalborg University Copenhagen)
* Johan Sundberg (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm)
* Sten Ternström (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm)

Invited Experts
* Hans Hermanson (Head Multimedia Research, Ericsson, Stockholm)
* Lars Jonsson (The Swedish Radio, Stockholm)
* Staffan Ljung (Manager for Entertainment Solutions, Ericsson, Stockholm)
* Ernst Nathorst (Propellerhead Software, Stockholm)
* David Åström (Kocky / Soul Supreme, Stockholm)

Medialogy Sound group

The Medialogy Sound Group has a new webpage.

Check it out HERE

ICMC 2007

We had a meeting last night about the organization of ICMC 2007 , together with Kristoffer (the chair) , Lars (the music chair), Signe (the conference coordinator) and Rasmus (the sponsor coordinator).

The conference will be a hit, with, among other things, an underwater concert (bring your own swimsuit :) ), a concert at the Planetarium, and John Chowning as keynote speaker.

The art of innovation

I just finished to read “The Art of Innovation: Lessons in Creativity from IDEO”, a very fascinating and inspiring book.
It is particularly interesting the description of their team work and problem based approach, very similar to the PBL based education we have in Aalborg.

Interactive sonification 2007

The ISon ’07 meeting is the 2nd International meeting on Interactive Sonification, following the initial ISon workshop held in Bielefeld.
The meeting offers the chance:
to meet experts in sonification,
to present and demonstrate own research,
to strengthen your european networking in sonification research, and
to learn about new exciting trends.
Additional goals of the meeting are:
to relate research on the topic of gestural control of auditory displays to interactive sonification
to survey the requirements for building Interactive Sonification systems
to establish a network of interested researchers in the field and exchange experiences
High quality will be assured by a peer-reviewing process, and besides a web publication we might decide to transform the proceedings into a special journal issue, as in the 1st ISon meeting, see IEEE Multimedia Special Issue on Interactive Sonification.

Important Dates

29.09.2006 Deadline for Abstracts
20.11.2006 Notification of Acceptance
01.12.2006 Registration Deadline: Early registration is advised as numbers are strictly limited.
20.12.2006 Deadline for Final Papers