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Talk at IUAV, Venice June 13 at 5 PM

Together with Rolf Nordahl, I will give a talk about Medialogi
at IUAV in Venice (Terese, Aula B, 17 PM).

Future of music days

Innovation lab is organizing a Future of music event on May 31st, where we have been asked to present some of the Medialogy musical instruments.

Intelligent Sound workshop

I just came back from a three days workshop organized by the Intelligent sound project, where I presented some work on instruments modeling and talked to so many really intelligent people. It is nice to see so many sound activities growing in Denmark.

Nordic Game Conference

Together with lots of colleagues from Medialogy, I participated to the Nordic Game Conference in Malmo.

I was hoping to see something new on interfaces and sound, but it really did not happen.

Opuzone workshop

On may 31st from 10-12, I will teach physical models in Max/MSP at the Opuzone 2007 workshop.

More information here.

Final Congas meeting

The final event of the Congas COST action will take place

during the Reykjavik Arts Festival in May.

Medialogy in TV2

On may 9th at 8 AM, we have been invited to show our work on audio haptic interaction at the TV show Good morning Denmark, in a show organized by Innovation lab on haptic devices.

Physical models in action II

Following the successful event which took place at the Sonic Art
Research center in December 2006 organized by Maarten van Walstijn,
we would like to invite researchers, composers and performers to a
Physical models in action II event, which will take place as part of
the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) 2007 in
Copenhagen, Denmark, August 27-31st, 2007.
This special call focuses on papers and music  on physical models and
their use in practical/creative applications, such as performance,
composition, sound synthesis, installations, sound projection, and
computer games. The main objective is to create and stimulate a
stronger interaction and exchange of ideas between engineers,
scientists, musicians, artists, and listeners/users on this topic.

To submit a paper or a piece to the event, please use the ICMC 2007
submission website:  selecting
topic 22. Physical models in action.
For more information about ICMC 2007, see:
Feel free to forward the information to interested colleagues.

Björk is using the Reactable

I just heard from Roberto that Björk has started using a Reactable. That is extremely cool! Good job you guys!

Taking air guitar to higher levels

The Wii controllers is really seen lots of creative applications.
For example, here is a new air guitar, and here a Wii loop machine made in Max/MSP.

I am not a big fun of videogames, but I have to admit that Wii sports, especially tennis, is really a lot of fun to play, despite the hopeless graphics.