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SID workshop on Sonic Interaction Design

The CHI workshop on Sonic Interaction Design will take place in Florence on April 6th.
The program of the workshop can be found here .

NEXT 2008

The Nordic exceptional trendshop, organized by the Innovation Lab, will take place in Aarhus from April 4th to 6th.
We have been invited to exhibit the Soundgrabber.

Special issue on Sonic Interaction Design for IJHCS

Davide Rocchesso and I are guest editors of a special issue of the International Journal of Human Computer Studies.
The call for papers can be found HERE
. Submission deadline is September 20th.

HCIed 2008

Medialogy Open House

We will host an Open house on March 4th from 1PM.
The Open house will take place in the Medialogy department, Lautrupvang 15, 2750 Ballerup, and we will show different students’ projects.

NordiCHI 2008

Next NordiCHI will take place at IKDC in Lund, 20-22 October 2008. The conference is joint venture between Lund University, Malmö Högskola and IT Univeristy of Copenhagen

Using bridges points at a variety of bridges: individual-to-individual, many-to-many, culture-to-culture, region-to-region, human-to-artifact, mankind-to-technology, artifact-to-artifact, etc. The uniting feature is the focus on the using, including not only user interaction aspects before and during the design process but also a variety of experiences of the effects of usage in every day surroundings.

NIME 2008

I have been asked by Antonio Camurri to be paper chair of NIME 2008.
The conference will take place in Genova, Italy from June 5 to 7.
Submission deadline is January 31st.
More info

New Medialogy Master

The new Medialogy Master has been just approved by our study board.

There will be 5 different profiles:

1) Medialogy and games
2) Medialogy and visualization
3) Medialogy and interaction
4) Medialogy and sound
5) Medialogy

More information can be found here

Back from ENACTIVE and LEDA

I am back from the Enactive 2007 conference in Grenoble and LEDA conference in Esbjerg.

Both conferences had lots of interesting presentations.

Medialogi teacher of the year 2007

I have just been elected Medialogi 2007 teacher of the year.

The motivations are:

“Not only was Stefania noted for providing good supervision and taking students’ personal interests into account, but she was also praised for a specialist in her field and working hard to expose “Medialogy” to the general public.”

Needless to say, this makes me extremely happy.