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The SoundGrabber is a physical interface designed as a semi-circle, enhanced with four cones. At the bottom of each cone a speaker is placed. Each cone is embedded with light sensor, which allow to detect the distance of objects from the cone itself. The user interacts with the SoundGrabber using a glove embedded with a bend sensor. By bending the hand inside a bucket, users are able to grab a sound, listen to it (thanks to the speaker embedded inside the glove) and release it in one of the cones. When the sound is released it is attached to the cone, and the sound now comes from the cone speaker. The user can now pick up another sound, attach that to another cone and so on. At any time the user con adjust the volume of each cone by placing his hand inside the cone and moving it up or down. The Soundgrabber was publicly demonstrated at the Sound Days event in Copenhagen in June 2007. Sound experts and naive visitors tried the installation, and provided enthusiastic feedback.