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December 15, 2006, Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen’s University Belfast 10am – 5pm.

The programme includes:

* two invited presentations:

Stefan Bilbao
“Physical Modeling Sound Synthesis in Practice”

Stefania Serafin
“Physical Models for Interactive Applications”

* a live performance by MIAMI

* one or two tape pieces, including
“The Wall Woodpeckers” (Ricardo Climent, 2005)

* a general discussion

* a parallel demo/poster session, including
- a new controller developed by students from Aalborg University
- a new controller for a virtual violin, modelled with novel
block-based physical modelling techniques (Giovanni de Sanctis, Marco Foco)
- a real-time controlled physical model of a Catalan woodwind instrument
(Josep Comajuncosas)
- a real-time Max/MSP multi-string model with percussive audio-driven control
(Pedro Rebelo, Maarten van Walstijn)
- a real-time model of the prepared piano (ppiano~), developed by Stefan Bilbao
and Thomas Resch, demonstrated by Stravos Didakis
- a real-time model of the vocal tract using a digital waveguide mesh (Damian Murphy)

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