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Multimodal interaction in virtual environments

We are organizing a Copenhagen a new PhD course on multimodal interaction.

Aalborg University Copenhagen
May 10,11,12, 13 and June 6, 2011

This 4-ECTS course provides an overview of multimodal interaction techniques for virtual environments. We start with an overview of multimodal perception to explain how humans behave in virtual environments where incomplete and impoverished sensory cues are reproduced. We then present an overview of technologies for visual-haptic-audio feedback in virtual environments, together with sensing technologies based on capacitive sensing and optical motion capture. We discuss issues of integration of technologies, and we describe algorithms for recognizing input data as well as simulating feedback based on physics modelling. We then introduce evaluation techniques for multimodal environments.
The course extends for 4 ECTS, divided into 2 ECTS of lectures and 2 ECTS of mini-project.

Introduction to multimodal interaction in virtual environments: perceptual illusions, sensory substitution, and multimodal enhancement.
-Visual feedback: screen, projectors, head-mounted display
-Auditory feedback: surround sound, headphones
-Technologies for haptic feedback
-Physics based algorithms for audio-haptic feedback
-Sensing and tracking technologies (capacitive sensors, optical motion capture)
-Integration of technologies
.Evaluation of multimodal interfaces

The course is FREE but students will have to pay for their own accommodation and board.

If you wish to attend, please register BEFORE 15 NOVEMBER on the following page:

choosing the registration form for the course: MULTIMODAL INTERACTION IN VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTS

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