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This page will list courses I am involved with - as well as other relevant information - related to my teaching duties at Medialogy, AAUK.

26 Jun 2009 - won Teacher of the Year award of E-Study board of Aalborg University.

Active courses


Sensors Technology

A 4th semester bachelor course, that I've held for some time now. The main web page can be found at:

This is a 3 ECTS introductory course in electronics - with a specific focus on sensors, in the context of use as interaction input devices; consisting of lectures and laboratory exercises.

I use self-compiled notes for the course, which are listed under the Resources section. Some photo laboratory guides can be found on that page, as well as Power-Point presentations.


I have especially tried to develop applets, that would allow easier visualization of electric phenomena, inspired in great part by Paul Falstad's Math, Physics, and Engineering Applets. Here is a brief list of my applets (which I'd hope to re-do for the Flex platform and open-source as soon as I get some time)..

  1. ADC Sampling Flash applet
  2. Wave nature of electric field through potential (hacked Falstad applet)
  3. Charges (electrons) in potential gradient applet
  4. Oscilloscope internal view (electrons in changing potential gradient)
  5. Power in closed circuit - short circuit (no resistance) applet
  6. Power in closed circuit - legal (with resistance) applet
  7. Elementary circuit (current density) applet
  8. Elementary circuit (current density) applet
  9. Voltage divider (current density) applet
  10. Voltage measurement (with oscilloscope probes) applet
  11. Capacitor applet
  12. Diode applet
  13. Transistor applet

Discontinued courses


Cross-sensorial Processing

A 7th semester master course. The archive of the main web page can be found at:

Applied Statistics for Testing and Evaluation

A 3rd semester bachelor course. The archive of the main web page can be found at:

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