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PhD Study Plan

The final version of my PhD study plan can be found at the link below:

For convenience, the abstract in this study plan is included below:

Title: On the possibilities for creative live performance using electronic audio sources
Author: Smilen Dimitrov
Starting from the process of identifying distinct playing styles in live performance of electronic music, this PhD project will classify them in respect to their processing power demands, as well as control strategy and synthesis approach.

During this process, the project will identify playing styles that can be conceptually merged (from a musicians perspective) - but have processing power demands that are unaccounted for in current designs of electronic music instrument hardware; and thus such conceptual merging is difficult for demonstration in reality.

Therefore, the project will result with a proposal for open source hardware and software solution, that would turn regular PC hardware into a practical electronic music instrument platform, that would be able to carry out the proposed conceptual merging of live playing styles. The platform prototype will be of sufficient technical fidelity, so as to allow expert musician user evaluation on the viability of merged playing styles for actual live performance.

In addition, the platform will aim to demonstrate implementation of high-fidelity custom sensor interface, applied to software physical audio models, as a demonstration of wider application capabilities. In a wider perspective, the platform could enjoy a broader range of uses - from exploitation as a base for development of new musical interfaces, to use as a tool for academic research into generic application of sensors.

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