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PhD Defense

My Ph.D. dissertation, titled "Towards an open digital audio workstation for live performance: The development of an open sound card", has been finally submitted to Aalborg University (AAU) on June 18, 2015.

Along with that, my Ph.D. defense has been scheduled to take place on:

Date:  Thursday, August 13th, 2015
Time:  13.00 — 16.00 CE(S)T
Room:  ACM15 B1/1.008 (Auditorium)
Address:  Aalborg University Copenhagen
A.C. Meyers Vænge 15
2450 Copenhagen SV

A map (with interactive features) to this address — showing a walking route from the nearest city train station, Sydhavn St., to AAU Copenhagen — can be found at the link: Sydhavn-AAUC-map.htm.

I will update this page with the latest developments – related to my Ph.D. defense event – as they arrive.


Here you can find a link to the e-publication version of my dissertation, also trackable through my public AAU profile page (... and eventually, possibly a link to a video edit of my PhD presentation, if I decide to upload it)

Unboxing the prints

July 6, 2015 the prints of my thesis arrived to AAUC; July 7 I was able to take pictures during "unboxing":

Preliminary assessment

July 31, 2015 I have received the preliminary assessment, that my PhD thesis is acceptable for public defense.

(This is the final confirmation/approval required for the Ph.D. defense to take place, and after which the department sends out formal invitations)

The defense

August 13, 2015 the defense was held, and everything went fine :) The final awarding of the Ph.D. degree is, however, yet to be announced.

Thanks to everyone who attended and showed interest! :)

Recommendation of award of the PhD degree

September 18, 2015, I received a notification from the administration, that at the meeting of The Academic Council, the final assessment of the Institute was to join the recommendation of the Assessment Committee, to award the PhD degree to me. This means that after supplying some additional information, I should soon be receiving my PhD diploma.

PhD Ceremony invitation

October 20, 2015, I was notified that I am invited to the formal PhD ceremony, to be held in Europahallen, Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center, on Friday 29 January 2016. I hope I'll be able to post a picture from there on this page :)

PhD Diploma

December 22, 2015, I received my PhD diploma in the mail.

PhD Ceremony 2016

The PhD Ceremony 2016 was held on Friday 29 January 2016 at the Auditorium of Aalborg University; the promotion ceremony is the formal/official conclusion of the PhD process. Here is a picture from there:

Thanks to the organizers and attendants for the great atmosphere :)

PhD thesis E-publication

February 3, 2016 I was informed that my thesis has been electronically published on the following link:

On that page, an abridged PDF is available for free download.

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