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Welcome to Sd PhD


This is the PhD log site of Smilen Dimitrov (CV here).

In an attempt to handle increasing complexity, I have decided to use an online engine to collect information related to my PhD studies; the choice has fallen (for better or worse) on MediaWiki.

Primarily, this site is intended to collect:

As much as I appreciate the flat structure of a wiki, I am yet to find a suitable way to establish navigation hierarchies (or a decent blog-roll); therefore, the navigation here may be a bit unmanageable for a while. For now, you can click on some of the above categories... or check the news section for an automated list of recently updates pages.

Have a pleasant stay,

Few notes about this site

Note that you can change between several styles (skins) to view the site - see the menu below. Subcategories related to PhD should be accessible from the main navigation in most skins - however, in general the skins are incompatible between each other, and bugs are to be expected. (actually, the extra hacks needed for this site seem to eat up quite a lot of performance because of this - so that is why the site response may sometimes seem a bit slowish)...

Similar to any wiki, a Talk/Discussion tab is associated to each page of content; here it is called 'comments'. Note: The comments are disabled - and even if they weren't, they would have still been broken! :) Finally, note that external links open in a new window (in case you have a popup blocker active).

Videos hosted on this site are encoded using the open-source Ogv Theora format, and the ITheora player /Cortado Java streaming applet is used for delivery on the web. For more information and instructions, click on .

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