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Note Jul 2011: Since Firefox 5 came out, I noticed that my theora applets on these pages are called via https - and since the server requires manual acceptance of the certificate, the applets did not render at all in browsers that do not have the certificate accepted. Changed this to http, now it should be fine...

All of my personal videos that are hosted on this site, are currently encoded with the open-source Ogv Theora format. I try to keep the videos encoded in the original 640x480 size as from the camera, so a smooth viewing experience online is not guaranteed ;)

Ogv videos can be streamed using an open-source, cross-platform Java applet called Cortado, which however has its few bugs - most important, seeking is quite difficult/impossible. Cortado was originally developed by Flumotion, but seems to have been dropped - and it seems that currently it is maintained by Wikimedia. Or, you can download them and view them using VLC media player (though beware of possible problems with VLC for Linux before 1.0.0-pre1 - however, ffplay should also work for Linux).

There are other web players developed on top of Cortado. One is Extension: OggHandler for MediaWiki, which would be appropriate for this site's engine - however, it is set to use only video files under the versioning system of MediaWiki. Another option - the one used here, is a PHP and AJAX player applet known as ITheora, which among other things can also serve a Cortado player back-end.

The iTheora plugin

  1. iTheora plugin at load
  2. iTheora plugin - Options screen
  3. iTheora plugin - permissions step 1/2
  4. iTheora plugin - permissions step 2/2
  5. iTheora plugin - playing via Cortado


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