Computing - SdPhd



On this page, I'm logging the daily trouble I've had with computers (hardware or software), that I have posted about on "teh Interwebz". So, this page is yet to be filled .... :lamo:

EDIT 2016: Well, as the PhD has concluded, it is time to declare this page "filled". In retrospect, it contains links to diverse forums and mailing lists. But, at a certain point I discovered Stack Overflow and related, and I got hooked - especially at the possiblility to use OpenID to register and login, and Markdown syntax with live preview for writing.

They also gamified the whole thing, so I might as well throw in those numbers to show off, for what its worth. So at close of my PhD, as of 17/18 Sep 2015, here is the state of my Stack Exchange accounts; the top two are TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange with 7k+ points & ~200k people reached, and Stack Overflow with 9k+ points & ~2.1m people reached (according to SO algos, at least). Not bad, I guess, for an account dedicated mostly to asking :)

Of course, I didn't stop posting in 2014, but I'm too lazy to go find a question illustrative enough to close with - so I'll let this page stay with the last entries posted, before I ran out of time :)

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