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Collaborations and external projects

This page will list all projects, published or unpublished, which are not necessarily directly related to my PhD project (although some could end up there as well), as well as study visits at different institutions, conference visits and the like. (Note that the bibtex links to Google require first that you go to Google Scholar Preferences, under "Bibliography Manager" choose "Show links to import citations into... BibTex", and finally click on "Save Preferences".)


Conference: NIME10 - Sydney; 15 - 18 June 2010

  • Paper (to be uploaded)
  • Conference website

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Augmented Psychophone

Collaboration with Niels Böttcher on his augmented PsychoPhone (some images). Still at early prototype phase. Got accepted as poster/demo for NIME2009.


Conference: NIME08 - Genova; 05 - 07 June 2008

  • Paper: S Dimitrov, M Alonso, S Serafin: Developing block-movement, physical-model based objects for the Reactable (Google Scholar) (bibtex)
  • Conference website
  • NIME08 Conference poster

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NIME08 Conference Genova

STSM Study visit: Barcelona; 05 - 20 January 2008

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Conference: ICMC07 Copenhagen; 27 - 31 August 2007

I participated as a volunteer on this conference.

  • Paper: KF Hansen, M Alonso, S Dimitrov: Combining DJ scratching, tangible interfaces and a physics-based model of friction sounds (Google Scholar) (bibtex)
  • Conference website

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STSM Study visit: Stockholm; 26 February - 10 March, 2007

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Conference: NIME06 Paris; 04 - 08 June, 2006

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